Enrichment and/or K-12 Studies


Upcoming classes

---- Online Course to aid students in testing for

Advanced Music Placement 

---- With Rachmaninov Society USA 

Music Theory and Orchestration using 

Rimsky Korsakov Based Materials 

Early Childhood Music Classes in

Palm Coast, Florida

A. String Experience 

B. Music Discovery and Piano Keyboard

Family friendly groups

Basic Music Training in Solfegge for English as Second Language Learners, ESOL. Learn to Sight Sing in the Universal Language of Music, with emphasis to music of the Russian Sacred Experience.

Online and in person starting

Register now for classes  by calling

386-263-8901 or email


Go BACH to School

Individualized downloads of music training for all levels of experience in Sight Singing,

Flute and Recorder playing, Keyboard/Piano with focus to the

the music  of J.S. BACH. Participants play along with music on your computer and are welcomed to workshops in Sunny Florida with other BACH to Schoolers

Enrichment experiences for all ages

Alternative School K-12

Gifted and Exceptional Education

Individualized programs leading to a

High School Diploma for

Transitional Needs or for full time students with Curriculum and emphasis to the ARTS and Medical Education

Enrollment is ongoing with rolling admissions

Director Mother Elizabeth (Bacha) LPN

Medical Ethnomuiscologist



Discover, Experience, Enjoy New Worlds

Please Won't You Be My Neighbor

Songs of Mister Rodgers for

Respiratory Health Recorder Group

and Music Fun scheduling now online

and in Community setting workshops


Christmas Monastery is a Music Ministry. We have outreach through our online programs, our face to

face music lessons and scheduled workshops

Email: info@ChristmasMonastery.org

Telephone: 386-263-8901

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We can teach anyone from age 2* on. We guide each and every student through the basics of reading and playing


*Parents of young students and some

Special Need students are given the

instruction materials and guided tutoring videos.  Younger students may need the parent to model for them.  

Learn to play music, todAy!