Learn to play music, todAy!

We can teach anyone from age 2* on. We guide each and every student through the basics of reading and playing


*Parents of young students and some

Special Need students are given the

instruction materials and guided tutoring videos.  Younger students may need the parent to model for them.  

Enrichment and/or K-12 Studies


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Everybody can learn

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Rachmaninov Society Choir of Christmas Monastery

meeting Sunday afternoons at the St. Photios Shrine,

41 St. George Street, St. Augustine, Florida


CMS  Online  Music School 

​All Ages 

Christmas Monastery is a Music Ministry. We have outreach through our online programs, our face to

face music lessons, and our new location to share God's love through music and prayer at St. Photios Shrine,

41 St. George Street, Saint Augustine, Florida 32085 Welcome!

Email: info@ChristmasMonastery.org

Message Line: 904 - 342 - 8276

Our musical prayer

tradition is rooted in

the Orthodox Christian

Faith.  Here is an example our friends

Nadya and Katya share with us of Hymns of the