Learn to play music, todAy!

We can teach anyone from age 2* on. We guide each and every student through the basics of reading and playing


*Parents of young students and some

Special Need students are given the

instruction materials and guided tutoring videos.  Younger students may need the parent to model for them.  

Enrichment and/or K-12 Studies


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Everybody can learn

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Father Roman Braga

40 Day Prayer Memorial Service

June 6, 2015  12:30 pm Eastern Stand Time

St. Nicholas Church Mission

​4721 East Moody Blvd. Unit 304, Bunnell, FL 32110

located at the Amaral Plaza in Bunnell, Florida.

Closest large intersection of Route 100 (East Moody Blvd) and

Belle Terre and the Target Plaza.


Christmas Monastery is a Music Ministry. We have outreach through our online programs, our face to

face music lessons and scheduled workshops

Email: info@ChristmasMonastery.org

Telephone: 386-263-8901